the reason

Why I do it

Your wedding day is where you and the one’s you love take center stage.  You’ll be planning all of the smallest details, and when the day comes those details unfold one moment at a time.  There is no doubt that portraits of the two of you are incredibly important, but so are the moments from getting ready with friends to celebrating with family at the reception.

Your photographer should see the day as a story they are telling about you.  When you look back at them years from now these memories should still be alive in the photographs you have.  This is my approach to photography, to photograph each moment as a future memory of that story.  Below is info on what I offer.  Each package is designed to ensure that your story is captured.  Please reach out so we can start putting together your day.

The Collections

No. 1 This is a great place to start and make sure I nail the day 8 hours single photographer -
Master Imagery -
$250 Wall Art Credit
No. 2 Lets build on great and make it better! 8 hours single photographer -
Master Imagery -
Base Album 32 page flush mount album -
$350 Wall Art Credit
No. 3 Want it all? Lets do it! 8 hours two photographers -
Master Imagery -
Base Album 40 page flush mount album - Engagement session with guest book -
$450 Wall Art Credit